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Witch Doctor's Orders

A zesty, spicy tiki-inspired cocktail featuring Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, Linie Aquavit, Cocchi Rosa, homemade spiced simple syrup, citrus bitters and star anise garnish.

You've probably caught on by now that we fancy a great tiki-inspired cocktail, and today's clandestine recipe is a witch doctor's prescription that we're happy to fill! Aside from some quality spirits, the ingredient that makes this drink truly special and gives it a sweet kick is homemade spiced simple syrup. Before you run for the hills, you need to know that it's so easy to make. Can you make regular simply syrup? If you answered...

Slingshot Wound

Sweet-spicy tiki cocktail with Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, orgeat syrup and cold-brew coffee.

You might think you don't like rum. Maybe you're like us, and one night long ago you overdid it on Captain Morgan and now you've avoided rum for a very long time. You ignore its calls, but you still run into it when you go out with your friends.

Maybe on one of these nights, you hear a whisper as something brushes across your neck. "What was that?" you think. Could it have been a gust of wind? This is a drafty bar, after all....

Christmas Island Punch

Vintage punchbowl with cranberry vodka Cocchi Americano orgeat syrup lime juice

Rejoice, for the holidays are upon us, and that means many wonderful things. One of those wonderful things is that people are throwing great parties, and great parties tend to have something in common – a punchbowl.

Let me tell you that this punch is dangerous. It turned a room full of quiet, civil human beings into raucous party attendees in about 45 minutes. So, in other words – a success!

The overall flavor is tart cranberry and lime without being overwhelming. The...