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A Sweet Drink & Some Sour Weather

Delicious whiskey sour with conifer simple syrup, egg white, bitters and maraschino cherryLet's cut right to the chase: the weather in Orlando this weak has been truly dismal. The rain has been pouring down, and even when it stops it doesn't really stop, it just turns into a pathetic drizzle. It's the kind of weather that sends you directly into your pajamas and on to your couch right after work. Perhaps you think, "I am just sitting here watching Netflix, maybe I could fold some laundry!" But no, no you can't. It's all just too much.

If you are...

Good Ole Fashion'd Old Fashioned

Sorghum & sassafras Old Fashioned by the fireplace.

Against seemingly insurmountable odds, the weather has finally cooled off in Central Florida (insert celebratory dance here). Granted, it was 80ºF and 90% humidity right through January 1st, but it seems as though summer has finally ended – or at least taken a few days off.

Like any good Central Floridians, as soon as the weather dipped below 60ºF, we dusted off our hooded sweatshirts and ran out to purchase several bundles of wood from the local Publix. Why, you might ask? Because if the temperature outside permits me to gestate on my patio without breaking a sweat...